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On-line PSA Registration

Create your PSA registration by filling in and submitting the following form. Print the result and send it to us with your payment, via postal mail or FAX, to join. (If you have trouble with the on-line registration form, you can print a blank form and complete it by hand. We strongly suggest the online form below to ensure accuracy in processing.)

(See the main PSA page for background information on the PSA. Send questions to [email protected].)

Payment Information

Here is some general information about membership payments. The specific rates are covered in the registration form's payment section, below. Your specific selections will be indicated on the completed registration form which you need to mail in.

PSA Memberships extend until September 30th, the end of the U.S. fiscal year.

You can charge your membership (VISA, MasterCard, or American Express), but credit card information has to be filled in by hand on the registration - we do not support secure web transactions. Alternatively, you can use a personal or bank check for U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank.

Phone number for FAX registration: (703) 620-0913

Address for physical-mail registration:

Corporation for National Research Initiatives
ATTN: Accounting Department - PSA
1895 Preston White Drive, Suite 100
Reston, VA 20191-5434

Upon processing of the registration you will receive email acknowledging your membership.

Thanks for supporting the PSA!

(Bold Fields are Mandatory)

Identity Information
Membership Type:

Identify the contact person for this membership:

Contact Name:
Organization (mandatory for corp members and employees!):

Contact Email:  
State:           (or province, etc.)
Postal Code:     (zip, etc.)
Phone:     Fax: 

Membership Fees

PSA memberships extend until Sep 30, the end of the U.S. fiscal year. See the payment information section, above, for more background information.

Term Year Individual Organization Employee of
PSA Member
Oct 2000
Sep 2001
Other Payment? Click here, enter amount: , and explain:

PSA Members Web List

All members are listed on the PSA Members page. You can, however, specify your entry, including making it anonymous, or designating an alternate email address to appear there, and, for corporations, an alternate contact name.

PSA Members Email Lists

There are two PSA members mailing lists - a restricted, very low traffic one for important announcements, and one for use by PSA members for general discussions about PSA issues. Your main email address (above) is used by default for both or you can specify different email addresses for delivery of either list. You can elect to not receive either one, as well. (We strongly encourage keeping the subscription to the announcements list.)

Discussion List Special discussion-list email destination?
Annnouncements List
Special announcement-list email destination?