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Who else uses Python?

Here are pointers to just a few organizations that use Python. If you would like to see your organization listed here, (or if you find a stale link or other surprise), please drop us a line at [email protected].

Advanced Management Solutions Inc.
AMS provides the AMS REALTIME suite of enterprise software for project management, resource management, cost management and timesheets. The Python language engine is embedded in AMS REALTIME as a means of extending the products, and also as a way of enabling custom behavior and company-specific business rules to be supported.

CWI, Python's home, has used Python in, among other things, GrINS, a 20,000 line authoring environment for transportable hypermedia presentations, and a 5,000 line multimedia teleconferencing tool, as well as many many smaller programs. See the collection of multi-media project papers.

Digital Creations
A long-time sponsor of the PSA, Digital creations develops with Python - and also makes some of their Python software available for free!

ILU (it's spelled Inter-Language Unification but it's pronounced eye-loo) is a (very) CORBA-ish multi-language object interface system. It has bindings for Common Lisp, C++, ANSI C, Modula-3 and Python.

Musi-Cal(tm) is the first online calendar that provides easy access to the most up-to-date worldwide live music information: concerts, festivals, gigs and other musical events. It is maintained by Python scripts. So is their Internet Conference Calendar.

Nightmare Software, Inc.
Nightmare Software builds 32-bit Windows software with Python - and gives some away!

Ultraseek Server, Infoseek's commercial search engine product, is implemented as an elaborate multi-threaded Python program with the primitive indexing and search operations performed by a built-in module. Most of the program is written in Python, and both a built-in spider and HTTP server can be customized with additional Python code. The program contains over 11,000 lines of Python code, and the user interface is implemented with over 17,000 lines of Python-scripted HTML templates. Try it out on the Python.Org web search page or download an evaluation copy from Infoseek Software.

eGroups.com (previously Findmail)
A comprehensive public archive of Internet mailing lists, implemented in pure Python. Latest statistics from Scott Hassan: 180,000 lines of Python doing everything from a 100% dynamic website to all email delivery, pumping out 200 messages/second on a single 400 MHz Pentium!

DataViews Corporation
DataViews Corporation in Northampton, Mass., have been using Python internally quite a bit.

A group at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories is basing a new numerical engineering environment on Python, replacing a home-grown scripting language of ten-year standing. Paul Dubois is a central figure in that effort.

Johnson Space Center uses Python in its Integrated Planning System as the standard scripting language. Efforts are underway to develop a modular collection of tools for assisting shuttle pre-mission planning and to replace older tools written in PERL and shell dialects. Python will also be installed in the new Mission Control Center to perform auxiliary processing integrated with a user interface shell. Ongoing developments include an automated grammar based system whereby C++ libraries may be interfaced directly to Python via compiler techniques. This technology can be extended to other languages in the future.

Direct mail to Robin Friedrich

IV Image Systems AB
IV Image Systems uses Python for many projects, including a satellite image production system for the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) (see next entry).

This system receives raw data from several weather satellites, and produces images for many purposes, including the satellite images used for the presentation of the daily weather on Swedish TV 4.

For more information, contact Goran Bondeson.

Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
SMHI is the home of the Swedish civilian weather, hydrological and oceanographic services. It's Python-based remote sensing software for automatic product generation, using NOAA and Meteosat data, provides information to bench forecasters, objective analysis schemes, and commercial interests such as the media. At SMHI's Research & Development Unit, a Python-based "Radar Analysis and Visualization Environment" (RAVE) is being developed for use with the national network of eleven C-band weather radars.

RAVE is being developed by Håkan Bolin and Daniel Michelson at SMHI R & D.

(To be done.)

Red Hat
The Red Hat Commercial Linux distribution uses Python for its install procedure.

Bank United
For those wondering if they should pick up Python or not, this loan calculator by Vannevar New Media, Inc. is (literally) the very first application the author wrote in Python. It does server-side HTML mods using a Python-processed embedded language. They are doing lots more with Python!

Take Five
Take Five Software uses Python Code for parts of their programming environment (which might also be used for developping Python apps, BTW) and install. (Replicated in Austria and USA.)

Alice is an interactive 3D graphics package under development at the University of Virginia. The goal of Alice is to make 3D graphics easy to learn and use. Python provides interactivity and clean syntax so even novice computer users can be successful and have fun with Alice. Alice for Windows 95 was released FREE in the Fall of 1996, originally from U VA, and now from the Alice home page at CMU.

Association of American University Presses
The AAUP on-line catalog, which has over 65,000 titles listed, is completely run using Python scripts. The contact info for it is http://www.press.uchicago.edu or http://aaup.pupress.princeton.edu

The Basic Support for Cooperative Work group at GMD in Germany has implemented a shared workspace server for the web as a collection of Python CGI scripts.

Thawte Consulting
Thawte Consulting, which has issued digital certificates to 23% of the worlds secure web servers [Netcraft], uses Python extensively for intranet and extranet services. Python generates web pages based on database content, and takes care of the cryptography and digital certificate management involved in certification. "Python makes us extremely productive, and makes maintaining a large and rapidly evolving codebase relatively simple."

Four11 and Yahoo
Four11, the Internet White Pages, uses Python extensively. With an enourmous number of email address records, and the complete US residential telephone directory, searching performance is key. Four11 depends on Python both for this performance and for flexibility.

Now that Yahoo has acquired Four11 for, among other things, its' highly regarded Rocketmail public email facilities, Yahoo uses Python to a significant degree, as well.

Key parts of NetCentric POPware technology are written in Python. POPware is software for internet POPs, allowing POP owners (ISPs and others) to offer extended network services to their customers. The first POPware application is secure faxing over the internet.

Frantic Software
Frantic produces a viewer for SAT-file format 3D geometric models, written entirely in Python (except for some performance-critical C code). It is based on Jim Ahlstrom's WPY windowing interface.

"Frantic Software, Inc. develops software applications that facilitate the widespread exchange and use of geometric models. Our SATViewer© product enables the user to visually examine 1D, 2D, 3D or mixed-dimensionality geometric models written in ACIS .sat file format, without the need of an ACIS-based application. The models may have been created by any ACIS-based application, or may have been translated to .sat file format from other CAD systems (e.g. Pro/ENGINEER)."

SpotMedia Communications
The publishers of GameSpot,
"... a really wonderful PC game magazine on the Web. GameSpot is entirely advertiser-funded, and all our advertising is rotated on site by a complex ad rotator written in Python. The Python ad rotator runs every second of our uptime, and is critical to every cent of our revenue stream."

Sapient Information Systems
Ed Pfromer, VP of Engineering at Sapient, writes:
Sapient Information Systems is using Python to build the Sapient Health Network, which is a service for empowering chronically and terminally ill people with information related to their illness. All of the CGI technology is built from Python, as well as a large number of tools used interally. Check us out at www.shn.net.

Sapient is always looking for skilled Python programmers. Contact Ed Pfromer at [email protected]

AlphaGene, Inc.
AlphaGene is a leader in gene and protein discovery and gene expression technologies. AlphaGene uses Python as the core of it's bioinformatics/tracking system - binding together a variety of data input sources, an Oracle database, large-scale genetic analysis, specialized supercomputers and an html-based system interface. Python has proven to be an excellent language for efficiently integrating these and other heterogeneous tasks.

University of California, Irvine
The campus has developed dozens of Python applications including a Searchable Schedule of Classes, TELE-Vision (a system that allows students to view/update their confidential information including class schedule, financial status, fee information, books for courses, etc), a real-time class roster retrieval and grade posting system for faculty, and an interface to the campus' CCSO "ph" nameserver. All of these services available via the web. Contact Vince LaMonica for more information.

Sunrise Software
Sunrise Software has a product out using Python for a GUI management application and an SNMP network management application. Contact: Sunrise Info.

SGI, Inc.
SGI is using Python for its Linux installer, for various SGI Linux products (such as for clustering, ISP, system console, failsafe, workstation and servers). This installer is derived from the Red Hat Anaconda installer.

A Python runtime is available for the EFI (fancy BIOS, sorta) environment being developed by Intel for SGI's IA64 Itanium and future IA32 systems. See for example mention of this in: http://developer.intel.com/technology/efi/efi.htm which is referenced from Slashdot.

Nortel, Inc.
The ISDN BRI OA&M group at Nortel (RTP, NC) uses python as its official scripting language for CGI applications. Following Web applications are developed entirely in Python:
  • ChartWare: A tool for creating charts. It is used to create charts based on the data directly input and the data extracted from corporation databases.
  • WebBook: A system for presenting (big) HTML documents using HTML frames. A WebBook document is created as a set of HTML files. These files can be organized into directories and subdirectories. The names of the files and directories follOw a certain naming convetion. WebBook automates all the structural aspects of document presentation using HTML frames, leaving the author to worry only about the content. WebBook is already being used for presenting the software documentation on the internal Web.
  • WebTrack: A tool for tracking the progress of work items. WebTrack is used by individuals and groups for tracking the progress of their assignments, projects, etc.

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Theoretical Physics Division
Scientists in the Theoretical Physics Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory are using Python to control large-scale physics codes on massively parallel supercomputers, high-end servers, and clusters. Python plays a central role in controlling these simulations, performing data analysis, and visualization. To support these efforts, Python has been ported to run over MPI. The SWIG interface generation tool has also been developed to support the integration of legacy applications with Python and to build modules for physics applications. Contact Dave Beazley for more info.

Journyx WebTime is web-based time and attendance project tracking software that implements an HTML time-card with robust reporting and configuration. It is written in python.

Hiway Technologies
Hiway Technologies is a worldwide web hosting provider with 40,000 customers in 100 countries. They offer Python for cgi and mail processing.

RoboFog is a scriptabe font editor for the Macintosh. It is basically good old Fontographer with an embedded Python interpreter. Developed by Petr van Blokland, Just van Rossum and Erik van Blokland.

Florida Dept. of Motor Vehicles
For the last 3-1/2 years, the Florida Dept. of Motor Vehicles in Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach counties has been running an application linking Voice Response and an X/Motif appointment booking system written entirely in Python. (John Grayson.)

Python was ported to OS/390 UNIX System Services to facilitate automated testing of internet tools.

Bell Atlantic Mobile
Bill Scherer writes: "My group's focus is on Intranet applications. We are currently using Linux/Apache/Solid/Python in a CGI environment. We will soon be migrating to a Sun Solaris/Apache/Oracle/Principia & Python fault tolerant environment."

Satz-Rechen-Zentrum Berlin
Christian Tismer reports that SRZ Berlin just started a challenging CD-ROM publication project which will be completely based upon Python. This is a pilot project to figure out how productive Python can be in the booksetting industry, and there is more to come.

New Zealand Digital Library
The NZDL's PostScript to ASCII converter project, PreScript, converted from Perl to Python for the sake of maintainability.

Object Domain
Object Domain is a Java-implemented, comprehensive CASE (Computer Assisted Software Engineering) tool. As of version 2.0 they migrate from Tcl scripting to JPython:
"Python is now integrated with the CASE tool allowing complete control of the model, views, and diagrams. An integrated command console allows the users to interact with the environment using a combination of Python commands, mouse selections, etc. Python also provides a mechanism to directly subclass and extend the Object Domain framework. Custom editing dialogs, user defined export facilities, and many other application extensions can be realized through Python integration."

Northside Physical Therapy
NSPT uses python to translate medical insurance billing data from one format to another format which allows it to be submitted to clearing houses via a modem. There were two big benefits to our switching to python: 1) Being OO based, it allows us to create new functionality through inheritance, without breaking old functionality; 2) We're not tied to one hardware platform or OS.

Direct mail to Don Peterson.

SAPIEN Technologies, Inc.
SAPIEN Technologies, Inc. is a programming tools developer with over 12 years of experience. STI produces PrimalSCRIPT, a full featured Win32 based script editor with all the functionality you would expect of a professional programmer's editor. PrimalSCRIPT fully supports the Python language with syntax coloring, code snippets, file templates and searchable help. A trial version is available at www.sapien.com/download.htm.

Hibbitt, Karlsson & Sorensen, Inc. have incorporated Python in their ABAQUS/CAE finite element analysis programs, to "Offer an interactive environment that can be customized easily to create application-specific systems." From their March, 1998 product newsletter:

    "One of the keys to enhanced productivity is the ability to customize the user interface of ABAQUS/CAE easily for particular applications. To achieve this goal, we have embedded the Python programming language (www.python.org) as a command scripting and GUI extensibility tool."

National Weather Service
Posted to the python-list on Oct 8 1998 by James Boyle:
"The AWIPS Forecast Preparation System which is being developed by the Forecast Systems lab in Boulder is using python/TK/PMW widgets/SWIG for building a GUI for the C++ code underlying the system. All the code is in the public domain and downloadable if you want to look it over."

C-Forge IDE
The CodeForge multi-user integrated development environment now supports Python.

IBM East Fiskill is using Python to create the business practice logic for factory tool control applications. These are used to control material entry, exit and data collection at the Micrus semiconductor plant in East Fishkill. Code that had been previously written in an internal, proprietary scripting language has been ported to Python. For information: Michael Muller

The Matisse DBMS comes with Python (and also Java, C++, and Eiffel) bindings.

www.palmstation.com is a site dedicated to Palm/Pilot users and is 100% written in Python (using Mark Hammond's ActiveX scripting engine). The site is getting 6-7k hits/day.

Biostar, Inc.
Calvin Dodge at Biostar says that they are using Python to give their company's telebusiness operators one-click access (direct from their call-answering software) to UPS tracking information on the packages they ship.

MetaDynamic is a seamless integration of Python on client and server sides within the Metaphase product data management system (an object-oriented distributed system), that provides a new RAD environment as a substitute to the traditional customization environment in C. Arakn� uses Python internally on its other developments.

Caligari Corporation
Caligari Corporation's flagship product, trueSpace4, uses Python to allow users rapid prototyping with scripting. trueSpace4 is a 3D modeling and animation tool, and with Python, users can now create custom modeling and animation effects, as well as create a simple interactive application or a game prototype entirely inside trueSpace4.

STEP Infotek
STEP Infotek is an SGML/XML consultancy company that uses Python extensively for document conversion, testing of own and third-party software, various internal scripting tasks and for scripting solutions built on the SigmaLink document management server.

MCI Worldcom
The Data Subnet Manager, MCI Worldcom's internal frame relay configuration and provisioning suite, currently uses JPython for regression testing, interactive debugging, and rapid prototyping of its Java Client. We also use CPython in our automated build processes and CGI scripts.

Quark (Quake Army Knife)
Quark is a level-editor for Quake, Quake II and Half-Life written mostly in Python. One can also write plug-ins for it in Python.

ImaginaryLife.com is a site devoted to reviews and other information about PC games. They use Python to generate a 100% dynamic site (i.e. no static HTML).

RealNetworks has developed a Python binding for their RealMedia client. They use this extensively in load testing and feature testing of both their server and client on all of their supported platforms. Additionally, their build system and bug tracking system have very significant Python components.

The Radar Remote Sensing Group at the University of Cape Town.
RRSG uses Python as the glue language for their G2 airborne synthetic aperture radar processor as well as in general software prototyping.

Biosoft is using an embedded Python interpreter in their upcoming ModKine program (to be released early 2000). ModKine is a pharmacokinetic analysis program for Windows 9x/NT that allows users to enter their own transformation and curve-fitting functions in Python.

A site-search service, built on Sam Rushing's Medusa Server, Python, and Digital Creation's Zope.

ABN AMRO Bank, Treasury Systems
The trade to risk management interfaces translate new and updated trade information from our trading system to the, internally written, bank-wide risk information system. SWIG was used to wrap the required parts of the 3rd party C++ trading system class library; we also wrapped the CORBA interface to the risk system using SWIG. Python was used to describe the structural and field value mapping. There are 3052 lines of Python code in the system.

dSPACE uses Python as the scripting language for its integrated real-time simulation experiment environment ControlDesk. While COM-based tool automation libs are provided on the one hand, access libs for real-time simulation hardware, RS232 and several automotive ECU (electronic control units) communication channels have been developed on the other. Many customers from various car manufacturers worldwide started Python programming with this program.

Crystal Space
The Crystal Space 3D Engine uses python for scripting through a plug-in mechanism. Python scripts can be dynamically invoked from within the engine depending on game specific actions. Python can also be used to actually program the main game core. It has full access to the C++ Crystal Space API. Check out the Crystal Space website for more details.

"We have tens of thousands of lines of python code up and running in a rather complex system. I don't know how we could have pulled it off without python, so I'd like to send my thanks for all the work you've done with that as well."

Benefits Interactive
Benefits Interactive is using Python to develop a product called Deferral Coach, which is a web-based training and support product for executive deferred compensation plans. We also use Python as an internal tool to create file converters, to convert database data to XML, and to automatically update resource files.

VR in behavioral biology
The California Institute of Technology uses Python for virtual reality in a behavioral biology lab.

Many components of the Google spider and search engine are written in Python. Mentioned on Slashdot.

The general aviation flight simulator Fly! (version II) will use Python for its scripting system, according to an interview with Richard Harvey posted on AvSim.

The National Research Council of Canada
The High Performance Computing Group at the National Research Council of Canada uses Python as an essential tool in its activities related to building computational grids - binding together a variety of applications running on a variety of platforms.

C.C. Pace Systems
C.C. Pace is a business technology consulting firm currently using Python to help us provide rapid, scalable, cost-justified delivery of integrated applications. One recent Python project is Loan Guaranty eXpress (LGXpress), an application that allows lenders to obtain Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) loan guaranties through the Internet within a fraction of the normal lead time. We also used Python and Zope, in conjunction with our own implementation of eXtreme Programming, to complete a comprehensive redesign and implementation of our public website, completed in just over two months.

For more clues about people involved with Python, see the notes from the various Python conferences.