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Here are some very basic instructions for sites that want to mirror the site. If you have any suggestions for improving the mirroring instructions given below, please email [email protected].

  • Please check the existing Python Mirror Sites to make sure you aren't duplicating any existing mirrors. Any extra unnecessary mirrors add load on so we'd like you to mirror the site only if it's necessary for your part of the world.

  • We suggest you use the Tools/scripts/ script from the Python distribution. Use "" as the hostname.

  • The root of the web tree lives inside the ftp/pub directory, so by mirroring the root of the anonymous ftp tree, you automatically also get the web documents. This is the suggested way to mirror our site.

  • lives in the US Eastern timezone1. We'd suggest running your mirror script between about 1am and 5am our time. Pick a time at random within this range and be sure to only copy over those files that have changed since the last time you ran the mirror script ( does this automatically).

  • Please let us know about your mirror so we can add it to the list of sites!

1roughly: -0500 GMT during northern hemisphere winter and -0400 GMT during northern hemisphere summer.